Extra Wide STEEL Single Lid Crossbody Toolbox

SKU: 413712
The Steel Extra Wide Single Lid Crossbody Truck Toolbox is built with supreme durability. Taylor Wing toolboxes are the highest quality on the market. Constructed of 16 gauge steel.


WEIGHT: 200 lbs

The extra wide single lid crossbody toolbox is 28 inches. Taylor Wing boxes are the highest quality and most reliable on the market. Boxes are constructed of 16 gauge steel. Quality features include stainless steel T-Handle dual action, “Soft-Close” latching system. When the lid is closed there is close to zero slack in the latching system. The lid is lowered tight to the box by our notched out hinge seat on the door to keep the pin from slipping out along with lowering the lid within 1/16” to the toolbox. The box can also be opened by unlocking only one side of the box. Our Taylor Wing industrial boxes feature a “Tru-Fit” lid design which incorporates a non-overhanging lid along with a revealed hinge. This revealed hinge allows the toolbox door to open within its own dimensions allowing for precision and clean installation. There is no need for gapping the box to leave room for the door to open. To ensure strength and consistent door closing we use a continuous bead of automotive two part epoxy adhering the lid stiffener and lid together. With this process, we simulate a continuous weld without any blistering or distortion of the outer cosmetic lid surface.

    • 28″ total width, 20″ total height, 7″ lid height, 13″ base height, 71.5″ total length, 59″ base length
    • Leak proof stainless steel T-handle latches prevent moisture from entering toolbox interior
    • “Soft-Close” latch system
    • Revealed lid design allows toolbox to be mounted all the way forward on the bed or against installed lumber rack or L-tank
    • 100% continuous latch cover system. This prevents items in box from “jamming” the latch system.
    • Removable steel industrial grade sliding tray
    • Added storage on both driver and passenger sides of toolbox
    • Tapered left and right sides follows contour of truck cab
    • Dual gas shocks
    • Epoxied lid design
    • Lid mounted, neoprene weather seal