70 Gallon Cross-Body Combo Tank Fueler - Regular Lid

SKU: 162704
70 Gallon Crossbody Truck Toolbox and Fuel Combo Box. This tank combines tool storage with fuel storage.


WEIGHT: 240 lbs
OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 26.25" H X 71.5" L X 28" W
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70 Gallon crossbody style truck toolbox and fuel combo for your fuel storage needs. This tank combines tool storage with fuel storage. Crossbody box and fuel tank are two separate parts, mounting together on the left and right-hand side wall of the toolbox. The toolbox has a false front that overlaps the fuel tank by 8″ to cover any voids between the two units for a clean finished installation.

Caution! Taylor Wing liquid transfer tanks provide temporary storage and transportation of non-flammable fuels or other liquids. Gasoline is a flammable liquid!

Drain ports are not to be used for fuel gravity feed. Taylor Wing tanks are designed with fuel feed and return lines located at top of the tank. Our tanks meet D.O.T. requirements for combustible liquids such as fuel oil. They are not designed for flammable liquids such as gasoline. Usage of tanks is regulated by state and sometimes local ordinances. Contact your local fire chief or fire marshal to determine your local restrictions.

    • 70 Gallon – DIESEL ONLY
    • Weight 240 lbs, 28″ total width, 26.25 total height, 19.25″ base height, 71.5″ total length
    • Ford, GMC and Chevy 2018 models or newer model bed height is 27.5″ and base height is 20.5″
    • 125 Marine Grade Aluminum Fuel Tank
    • True Fit Lid
    • Crossbody Style
    • Stainless Steel T-Latches
    • Leak proof stainless steel T-handle latches prevent moisture from entering toolbox interior
    • “Soft Close”” latching action
    • Revealed lid design allows toolbox to be mounted all the way forward on the bed or against installed lumber rack or L-tank
    • 100% continuous latch cover system – prevents items in box from “jamming” the latch system
    • Neoprene tapered left and right sides follows contour of truck cab
    • Accommodates Vehicle Flex
    • Vehicle application: fits 6.5′ – 8′ Chevy, Dodge & Ford Pickups
    • Pump products do not come installed and are purchased separately.